Auto Typer Download

Here you can download Auto Typer and see whether it can be useful to you. Auto Typer Requires .NET v2.0 installed on your machine. Once the installation is complete, the Auto Typer Setup would open up a page providing the required details and a way to download .NET. In case you do have .NET already installed you do not need to download it again.

Navigate to Download Auto Typer at and automate your repetitive typing tasks. As of now the application does not supports Rich Text, however a let version may support rich text format text and more features.

The Above download and installation is Step 1 of running Auto Typer application. As said in the first para, you may need to download and install .NET if your computer does not have it installed already. Once everything is setup, all you would need is to add Auto Text and start saving precious efforts and avoid copy paste jobs.

Launch Auto Typer

You can Launch Auto Typer from Programs Menu or from Desktop Shortcut (The Shortcut on Desktop for Auto Typer will be created provided you opt to create the Shortcut on Desktop for Auto Typer). The Setup also adds Auto Typer to Windows Startup, so next time onwards you Start your Computer, Auto Typer will be launched automatically and would site silently in the System Tray.

Close Auto Typer

In Order to Close Auto Typer and unload it from System Memory, you will need to navigate to System Tray Menu of Auto Typer, Right Click on icon of Auto Typer and select Exit from the pop up menu.

UnInstall Auto Typer

Auto Typer comes with an un-installer which can be used to remove Auto Typer from your Computer. In Order to launch Un-Installer of Auto Typer, please do navigate to the Control Panel and uninstall the application from Add / Remove Programs or from Programs and Features.

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